Connections for the Homeless

Campaign to End Homelessness in Evanston

We look right past them. It’s hard to see their fear. Their pain. Their shame. In Evanston, over 7500 neighbors are homeless or at-risk – that’s 10% of the population. At minimum wage they’d need to work 3 jobs to afford the rent. Over 70% of homeless adults were homeless as children. The tragedy and trauma they’ve experienced have darkened their lives as adults. Almost 200 Evanston Township Students are homeless every day. About 300 District 65 grade school students are homeless, too. How do you concentrate on a test during the day when you don’t know where you’re going to sleep at night? This is Evanston. We can do better.

"Steve Turner was instrumental in the success of Connections for the Homeless' "Love Don't Pay the Rent" campaign. He took the time to learn about our programs and brought both skill and passion to the project, which accomplished our goals of raising our profile in the community and engaging new donors. In fact, one new donor directly identified the campaign as their reason for a $4,000 unsolicited gift. I can't say enough about Steve's excellent work."

– Betty Bogg Executive Director