Presbyterian Homes

Geneva Foundation Annual Report

Presbyterian Homes a is not-for-profit, non-sectarian organization with a national reputation for creating extraordinary retirement communities. What's not as well known is that the organization spends more than $6 million a year on charitable programming and support through its philanthropic arm – the Geneva Foundation. As the organization is strategically positioning itself for the future, it knew it had to clearly articulate the mission of the foundation in a new, unmistakable voice. In the past, STEVE TURNER had created many memorable marketing campaigns for Presbyterian Homes, including "Retire Nothing." The marketing and development office turned to TURNER and his team to create something unexpected and unforgettable. The new annual report uses the word "Foundation" to underscore the work of the Geneva Foundation through stories of individuals who nearly lost hope, but through the charitable programs, were given an even stronger foundation to their lives. It also shares the inspiration of donors whose benevolence has become an anchor - a foundation for their lives as well. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. "You presented our case for support with dignity and compassion, as well as honesty," wrote one donor.

"It’s surprising. TURNER approaches every project as though it’s their first. And every time they deliver something unexpected. Something wonderful. I’m a believer."

– Bob Werden Vice President Marketing and Development, Presbyterian Homes