Nuveen Investments

Marketing Campaign

Nuveen Investments is a 115-year-old financial management firm headquartered in Chicago. When the firm was ready to spread the good news about being named among Barron's Best Mutual Fund Families, it asked STEVE TURNER and his team to create a print campaign to build awareness for Nuveen’s Mutual Fund Family and increase consideration among advisors.

"We had a big decision to make since we had ceased advertising for a couple of years.  The day I interviewed Steve, I could see that his approach was fresh and unique.   After we selected TURNER, I was immensely impressed with their ability to immerse themselves in our business to the point they picked up our industry vernacular faster than any new employee.  This resulted in a range of concepts that all hit the mark--and more importantly, were visually distinct from our competitors.  TURNER provided amazing service and were a pleasure to work with.  And ultimately, our campaign not only motivated our employees, but it was widely recognized externally when it ran."

–Bethany Hollrah Vice President Retail Marketing, Nuveen Investments