Chicago Botanic Garden

Just One Look Branding Campaign

STEVE TURNER's simple expression, "Oh, Wow." upped the bar in Chicago for what became a great awareness and fundraising campaign. Chicago Botanic Garden charged TURNER and his team to reposition the garden as an institution that mattered. The three-year initiative increased attendance and membership, sent web hits skyrocketing and helped the $100 million capital campaign close at $148 million. By the third year, the annual appeal raised an additional quarter of a million dollars over the previous year. Of particular note: there was not blockbuster exhibit at the Garden during these three years. All we did was invite Chicago to take “Just One Look.” And with that, the Garden became CHICAGO'S Botanic Garden.

"You have been a great gift to this garden: The right people in the right place at the right time. Your gift to us has been the articulation of the vision which we all believed in but needed your help in presenting to the world. Your talents are many and your sharing of them meant more to this institution than I can express."

– Barbara Whitney Carr Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Chicago Botanic Garden